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Our Conference

The Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement Virginia Conference is part of a Christ-centered, diverse, worldwide religious community dedicated to serving God, sharing the Gospel, and helping others.


We are committed to promoting the biblical message of quality of life for the present and the future. In keeping with that principle, we believe the Bible teaches the importance of a weekly seventh-day Sabbath of rest, worship, and the promise of Christ’s second coming.

We are part of the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement Church, a worldwide organization. As an international family, our members can walk into any of our churches or groups and know they're home. 


The Virginia Conference is comprised of multiple churches and groups located within Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Click here to find a location near you!

We strive daily to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ to become more like Him. The heart of the church’s mission is to help others realize the hope found in experiencing a personal relationship with a living God and loving Saviour, and nurturing them in preparation for His soon return.

Find details of our fundamental beliefs here.

Our Mission

Adrian Finaru


Adrian Finaru first began his missionary journey by knocking on doors to find interested souls willing to study the Bible. Now, over 25 years later, as the current leader of the General Conference Youth Department and the president of the Virginia Conference, Adrian regularly speaks at numerous conferences and seminars on the importance of Christ within the home and family. Adrian has a passion for working with young people and teaching them the theory and practical application to canvassing. He enjoys cultivating lasting relationships within the community and is always eager to lend a helping hand to those in need. As a bi-cultural communicator, Adrian continually seeks to present the Bible in new and fresh ways that speaks to diverse ethnic and cultural groups. It is his desire to speak and teach the Bible in a practical way that leads people to Jesus Christ.

Eduardo Moreno


Eduardo Moreno has worked for the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement for over 20 years in various capacities. As the current vice president of the SDARM Virginia Conference, he is responsible for ensuring the health and welfare of each church within the Virginia Conference. His current responsibilities include providing family, marital, and individual counseling to ensure the spiritual and mental welfare of members and visitors alike as well as visiting church groups, isolated members, and community members. He believes in dramatically impacting and transforming our communities and the world just like our lives are miraculously transformed through the unconditional love of Jesus. Eduardo’s passion is to minister to the church and community with a primary focus on maintaining and developing Christ-centered gospel outreaches within the community.

Marco Alonso

Associate Pastor

Marco Alonso is an Associate Pastor working with various churches and groups within Virginia. In addition to serving as the Virginia Conference secretary and director of the Virginia Conference Youth and Media Departments, Marco’s responsibilities include providing Bible studies to the local community and attending to local church needs. His calming disposition, positive outlook, and ability to lend a listening ear creates a welcoming environment for individuals from all walks of life. Marco’s passion for researching apocalyptic and prophetic events compels him to develop dynamic podcasts and cinematography to engage with members of the community by asking one of life’s deepest questions, “What must I do to be saved?”. Marco’s desire is to continue teaching others how to strengthen and grow their personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jose Luis

Associate Pastor

Jose Luis is an Associate Pastor working with various churches and groups within Kentucky. In addition to serving on the Virginia Conference council, Jose’s responsibilities include providing Bible studies to the local community and attending to local church needs. As an effective communicator of God’s Word, his practical and dynamic teaching style helps individuals apply the timeless truths of Scripture to their everyday lives. Jose has a heart for making friends, telling others about his best friend Jesus and spending quality time with family, friends, and community members. His desire is to share Jesus’ love while ministering to the local church and community to lead others into the adventurous story Jesus has designed for each individual.

The Virginia Conference is led by a team of pastors who are here to serve you and the community. To speak with any of our team members or department leads, please contact us!

Our Team

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